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Adventure Ocean Kids Club Aboard the Oasis of the Seas

As a mom who normally travels with children of various ages, an ongoing concern is “What will be available for kids to do to keep them entertained?” When traveling on the Oasis of the Seas mega ship there is plenty to do for kids to do while on board. My twin daughters, age 8, usually are not easily convinced to take part in kids activities. This was not the case for Adventure Ocean Kids Club. My daughters actually begged me to take them daily to Adventure Ocean after their very first visit. The Club became a daily hang out spot for my daughters during the duration of our vacation on board.

Adventure Ocean Kids Club
Adventure Ocean Kids Club on the Oasis of the Seas

 Adventure Ocean Kids Club Age Groups on the Oasis of the Seas

Pirate Night at Adventure Ocean
Pirate Night at Adventure Ocean

In the Adventure Ocean kids club aboard the Oasis of the Seas, kids are grouped by age ranges to keep like ages and skill levels together. In addition to the age groupings (separated into different rooms/zones), there are also specialty rooms. These rooms include Adventure Science Lab, a Scrap Booking room (additional fee applies) and a Crayola Imagination Studio. There is also a kids theater that is used to watch age appropriate movies. The age groupings for Adventure Ocean are as follows: Aquanauts Ages 3-5, Explorers Ages 6-8, and Voyagers Ages 9-11. My daughters were involved in the Explorers group.

The Adventure Ocean Explorers on the Oasis of the Seas Activities

My daughters wanted to share some of the activities that they experienced while being in the Explorers group in Adventure Ocean. One of their favorites was Doctor Dodge Ball. From what I gather, this is Royal Caribbean’s spin on dodge ball, just for the younger crowd. Furthermore, another game they enjoyed playing was Toilet Paper Soccer. The name says it all for that one. On the final evening of the cruise, the girls put on their PJs and watched an evening movie in the Kid’s Theater.

Adventure Ocean Explorers Play Area
Adventure Ocean Explorers Play Area

Kids Arcade in Adventure Ocean on the Oasis of the Seas

In addition to the age-appropriate zones in Adventure Ocean, there is also a Kids Arcade. The arcade games can be played by loading Sea Pass cards with money prior to sailing or at the Guest Services desk. There are also kiosks in the Kids Arcade where cash can be loaded directly on to the Sea Passes. The games in the Kids Arcade at Adventure Ocean are geared toward the younger crowd, to be age appropriate for the Adventure Ocean attendees. Some of the games include racing games, mini basketball, grab a prize claw games and air hockey.

Adventure Ocean Kids Arcade
Adventure Ocean Kids Arcade

Hours of Operation for Adventure Ocean on the Oasis of the Seas

There are varying hours of operation for Adventure Ocean. For the most part, the kids club in general is open for morning and evening sessions. During evening sessions, the kids have the option to attend dinner as a group with their counselors’ supervision. Parents may also choose to sign their children out for dinner if desired. There are also days during the cruise where the camp is also open for the afternoon, at which time the kids can go to lunch as well as a group. For more details on times, there is a circulation available on board and there is a daily activities guide for Adventure Ocean. This is included in the Cruise Compass that is provided to you in your staterooms.

In addition to activities for the younger children ages 3-11, there are also teens-only sections on board for ages 12-17. You can read more HERE by reading the blog post “Teen Only Zones on the Oasis of the Seas.” Also, be sure to enjoy your peace time while the kids are at play by taking a “Walk With Me through Central Park at Sea!”





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