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DIY Concrete Patio Resurface

DIY Concrete Patio Before Resurface
Concrete Patio “BEFORE”     Resurface Application

DIY Concrete Patio Resurface

Do you have a concrete patio that is showing signs of wear and tear? We did too, so we decided to try and resurface our concrete patio without having to replace the entire slab, DIY style! The original patio had unsightly terracotta tile attached to it, which was chipped and cracked. Instead of taking a jack hammer to it, we decided to use Sakrete Flo Coat Resurface. Our DIY concrete patio resurface project was well worst the elbow grease! I was hesitant at first, but am exceptionally pleased with the results.  Here are the simple steps that we did in order to have that patio looking brand new in no time.

Prepping the Patio

Prepped with Top N Bond

First, we removed the old tiles by using a chisel and a hammer for the tile that readily came off. We used an electric chisel to remove the tiles that were more difficult to remove. Once that step was completed, we swept and hosed off the patio area to ensure all of the loose debris was completely removed. It isn’t necessary to wait for the area to dry to continue with the project. Next, we used a concrete patch product, Top N Bond, to fill in any deep holes or cracks. The Top N Bond was applied using a concrete trowel. This gave us a semi-uniform base for our resurface mixture. The Top N Bond was allowed to dry completely before moving to the next step, which was pouring and spreading the Flo Coat.

Applying the Flo-Coat with Squeegee

Pouring the Resurface Flo Coat

Once the Top N Bond patch product was dry, we mixed the Sakrete Flo Coat per the instructions on the bag and the pouring began. I recommend having one person pouring and spreading the concrete resurface product with a squeegee while a second person mixes the next batch. This serves in to keep a steady application for the smoothest finish. We started in one corner of the patio and worked our way backwards until the entire patio area has been covered. Of course, with kids and pets, we had to barricade the area to keep feet and paw prints off to allow the resurface concrete to dry completely. The recommended drying time is a minimum of 24 hours before foot traffic.

The Finished Product

Our finished product after the first complete application was AMAZING in comparison to what we started with. We do plan to add a second coat, only to go back through and fill in some additional gaps around the outside edge of the patio. Once we finish the second coat, a spray stain will be applied. Overall, the concrete resurface technique was super-easy to do. The end result was more desirable to us then having to jack hammer the existing patio and start from scratch. After successfully applying the Flo-Coat product to our patio, we plan to try the same process on a few sidewalk areas that we have that could also use some attention. The Sakrete Flo Coat resurface process is a cost effective way to turn an ugly concrete slab into fabulous!

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Concrete Patio “AFTER” Flo-Coat Resurface


45 thoughts on “DIY Concrete Patio Resurface

  1. It looks great! I like how you have pictures of all the steps. We could use this treatment on our front porch. It’s concrete, and it was poured in the 60s. Maybe now I’ll look into it!

    1. That’s great Kourtney! The key is to have someone mixing in a 5 gallon bucket while another person pours to keep a steady flow. We used a drill attachment to mix it to get even consistency.

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