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Easy to Make Caramel Apple Slices

Easy to Eat Caramel Apple Halves
Easy to Eat Caramel Apple Halves

Fall time for me means a great time for comfort food! Caramel apples are always my go-to snack when I attend the local craft and vendor fairs in my community for the Fall season. Though I have ventured in to making my own caramel apples the “traditional” way on a stick, I prefer something that is easier with less mess so that I can enjoy that sweet and sour deliciousness even quicker. Here is an excellent recipe for easy to make caramel apples that are even “kid friendly” so those little helping hands can join in on the fun!

Ingredients for the Easy to Make Caramel Apple Slices

1 bag of Granny Smith Apples (approx. 10 small apples needed for one batch) — gives the perfect tart combination with the sweet caramel flavor

2 (11 ounce) packages of Kraft Caramels

Lemon Juice

Preparing the Ingredients for the Easy to Make Caramel Apple Slices

Apples Halves and Caramels
Apples Halves and Caramels
  1. Cut approx. 10 apples in half and scoop out the core and remove the stems. I like to use a melon ball scoop to remove the core. I found that placing the apple halves in a muffin pan help to keep the apples upright for easy filling and for support while the caramel is hardening.
  2. Brush lemon juice on the “flesh” part of all of your cut apples to preserve them from turning brown. Once lemon juice has soaked in to the apples, blot the apples as dry as possible with paper towels to soak up excess water/juice so the caramel can adhere better.
  3. Melt both bags of the caramels in a saucepan with water, according to the package instructions. I find that little helping hands work perfect to unwrap all of those caramel pieces!
  4. Once the caramels have completely melted, pour by ladle in to each of your apple halves that are resting in your muffin trays. Don’t be afraid if some spills over onto the top of your apples. That just provides some extra YUM!
  5. Place your trays of caramel apple halves in to the refrigerator and let the caramel harden. Once it is completely hardened, you can slice the apples. We like to enjoy the halves as they are — no slicing needed!


Little Helping Hands Unwrapping Caramels
Little Helping Hands Unwrapping Caramels

The whole family can enjoy making these Easy Caramel Apples! Instead of using straight caramel, I am eager to try topping the apples off with some melted chocolate as well. For a healthy spin on the caramel apple, perhaps scoop and fill the apple halves with some yummy peanut butter. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

While you are in the kitchen, check your pantry for that go-to kitchen spice, cinnamon. Check out my post “Cinnamon is NOT Your Average Spice!” for tips and tricks on how you can use cinnamon around the house other than for food or potpourri.




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