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Product Review: MyGNC Rewards Pro Box

During my last visit to a local GNC store, the store clerk had asked me if I was interested in enrolling in the myGNC Pro Access Membership. I was hesitant at first, because I had to see for myself the cost versus benefit for the program. The membership comes with a nominal yearly fee, which honestly more than pays for itself in savings if you shop a few times a year and gather purchase points.

myGNC Pro Box
myGNC Pro Box

Some of the perks included in the myGNC Pro Access Membership include quarterly pick-your-day sale days, and free shipping for online GNC purchases for one year. Additionally, the membership includes pro access insider line, and customized Pro Boxes that are delivered to your door three times per year. I enrolled in the program because I saw the value as a win-win. I wanted to share with you my personal review of the Pro Box that I recently received.

MyGNC Pro Box Customization Process

When I first enrolled in the myGNC Pro Access Membership, I was prompted to log in to the Pro Access website and customize my experience. This customization process promotes the Pro Boxes to be geared toward my personal goals and health and wellness characteristics. The overall customization process was fairly easy and was done through a series of survey-style questions. I am able to log back in to my Pro Access Membership site at any time and update my answers as needed.

Items Included in MyGNC Pro Box

Though the Box contents vary with each shipment, one common inclusion is a product information card. The card provides a brief description of each item contained in the Box. According to the card contained in my Box (October 2017), here are the sample-sized items that I received:

  1. Beyond Raw LIT: this is a pre-workout flavored drink mix that you combine with water and consume prior to working out for an energy boost.
  2. Enlightened Crispy Marshmallow Treat: this is my favorite item in the box. The apple cinnamon flavor is bold but not over-bearing. The texture is a little more dense than your “normal” rice crispy treat, but there is no grit after taste. The high fiber, gluten/peanut/GMO free treat is packed with 15 grams of protein. The treat was also a generous size (possibly full-sized) product.
  3. ResVitale Collagen Renew: a flavorless collagen powder that can be mixed with your favorite drink or food item. This gives your skin a collagen boost for healthy elasticity. There is also a discount coupon included for ResVitale products.
  4. Dymatize ISO100 Whey Protein Powder: 1 serving size of this chocolate coconut flavored powder. Mix as desired and add to your daily health and wellness regime to crush cravings.
  5. FITJOY Protein Bar: this lemon-flavored square is packed with protein and is ideal for a quick pick-me-up during the day.
  6. Beyond Raw Precision BCAA: this is a post-workout flavored drink mix that you combine with water. Consume after workouts as a great recovery blend.
  7. Buy One Get One Free coupon code valid in-store or online for Enlightened products.
myGNC Pro Box Marshmallow Treat by ENLIGHTENED
myGNC Pro Box Marshmallow Treat by ENLIGHTENED

My Overall Experience with the myGNC Pro Box

Overall, I am very satisfied with the myGNC Pro Boxes that I have received so far. The sample sizes are generous and well-thought. Personally, I think the best aspect is that the Boxes are included in the membership fee. Unlike many other home delivery services, GNC doesn’t charge extra to receive the boxes as they are a perk included in the myGNC Pro Access Membership.

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2 thoughts on “Product Review: MyGNC Rewards Pro Box

  1. My husband and sun try the try sleep said it was the best sleep they ever had. Complete your husband and son tried the Lenny and Larry complete chocolate chip cookie protein bar they said it tasted good but a little bit of aftertaste in there mouth .I don’t think they really liked it but they probably would like more of your products . would like to try
    more ofGNC productss and still get my GMC ProBox to try more of your things out.

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